How can my staff work from home during COVID-19?
23rd March 2020
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News of the virus, COVID-19, has prompted urgent interest in remote work. Business collaboration software, virtual desktops and private networks can all help. This tech helps business continue as usual...

How do employees work remotely? Technological solutions.

Remote workers need a centralised platform with a simplified login process. Business collaboration software is a great enabler of mobile, flexible work.

Streamline chat, voice, and video in one software platform. Business collaboration tools also simplify access to email, calendars, documents, and file sharing. Providing a virtual desktop can provide access to important business applications.

Using a cloud-based solution also provides peace of mind. While remote workers access the corporate network, the sensitive data isn't stored locally. So, the business won't need to worry about the loss or theft of their data.

If you are worried about the security of these remote connections... Virtual private network (VPN) is an option to consider. A VPN connects computers, smartphones, or tablets to a shared or public network as if connecting to a private network.

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