Skating into a digitalised world…
11th February 2020
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The show features celebrities and their professional dance partners figure skating in front of a panel of exeprt judges.

For as long as the show has been running, we have seen many changes from judges, presenters to professional dancers.

Each week the couples perform a routine, whilst sticking to adhering to strict restrictions, to win over the judges and get a score card of ten.

Skating into a digitalised world…

Like ice dancers, Lucie and Rachel, are judged. They are judged by their customers, estate agents, mortgage brokers and the other side solicitors.

It is no secret that conveyancing, is a highly regulated area of law, the work contuning to increase and the legal fees shrinking it is difficult to keep all parties involved happy.

As a business we pride ourselves on the customer service we offer, we are able to provide this because we have invested heavily in our IT systems. These systems allow Lucie and Rachel to remain compliant, calm and customer focussed.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digitalised, where you can get your dancing on ice fix on your phone, on the move, at a time convenient to you. Moving home shouldn’t be too different, and that is why we have joined Perfect Portal to launch a Pickford Solicitors Conveyancing App.

The app has been designed with features that give you live updates at each key part of your matter, saving you unnecessary time spent on phone calls and emails.

We continue to get a score card of ten from our judges!

If you are moving home, and want the legal process to be made easier, then please give Lucie or Rachel a call on 01217265980 for some initial advice.

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