Holiday Compensation without going to Court
16th August 2017
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Whilst most of us enjoy a relaxing break during the summer, there are times when a holiday does not go to plan. 

There are a number of ways you can obtain redress without going to Court.

The first step is to go through the Holiday companies` complaints procedure. If this does not work, you can consider the ABTA`s arbitration and conciliation schemes.

The ABTA Arbitration scheme - this can be used for breach of contract and/or negligence between consumers and members of ABTA. You can also claim minor illness and personal injury for claims limited to £1500 per person. 

There is a fee of £108 - £264, which is recoverable if successful .

The claim will be decided by a neutral, independent arbitrator, based on written documents, who will then produce a binding decision.


The ABTA Conciliation scheme - this is for disputes relating to personal injury and sickness.

A neutral third party assists both parties to see if a mutually satisfactory settlement can be reached by negotiation, which is conducted either by telephone or writing. 

If an agreement is reached, there is a cooling off period to allow the parties to obtain legal advice, but the settlement becomes binding when signed by both parties.

If no agreement is reached, the conciliator will issue a recommendation for settlement.

The fee is payable by the ABTA member.

Please feel free to contact John Buckle on 01922 707 598 or  if you require any further information about such claims.

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