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Coinadrink Limited the vending machine company takes a look at how your workplace must adapt if you want to welcome your team back.
The Micro Market is arguably the most hygienic workplace refreshment solution that is well prepared for a post-Covid world.
Open, honest transparency is just one of the reasons why the vending operator has enjoyed such longevity.
How Coinadrink Limited guarantee a first-class service to help you get the most out of your vending equipment.
Vending is a convenient and cost-effective solution to keep your workforce refreshed and productive. Black Country vending firm Coinadrink Limited guarantee a premium vending machine service you can rely on.
Studies show that your workforce would benefit from a vending machine or Micro Market.
Black Country vending firm Coinadrink Limited tailors their vending services to help employees in the manufacturing industry stay productive.
Your workplace has to evolve and become an environment your team are comfortable to work in. The Micro Market can help.
Coinadrink Limited offers yet another contactless vending solution to their customers through the Coffee APPeal smartphone application.
Coinadrink Limited looks at the importance of providing peace of mind to your staff during this time.
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