The Benefits of a Stump Grinder
8th June 2016
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After removing a tree from land, you are left with the stump, which can be pretty unappealing.  Using a stump grinder will help ensure a clean, tidy and reusable appearance.

Why should I use a stump grinder?

  1. A Stump Grinder is really fast and eliminates numerous problems associated with traditional methods of removing tree stumps.
  2. A Stump Grinder creates mulch. Mulch is created by the powerful blades on the Stump Grinder and it great for your garden. When you have the substance created, spreading this on top of an area of soil will conserve the moisture in turn improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth.
  3. Stump Grinding is promoted by environmental conservation groups as being good for the environment. Removing old tree stumps can reduce the number of contaminated stumps; preventing the further spread of disease.
  4. Using a Stump Grinder minimises the amount of damage to your garden. A Stump Grinder can be very accurate which will eliminate the damage caused to surrounding trees and plants.

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