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Whatever your plans to upgrade the bathroom in your property the key element is planning with budgeting being a major priority. With the help of the professionals the process is made much easier, professional bathroom designers and installers have vast experience of what can be achieved and at what cost, they will understand the practicalities and their knowledge of the industry makes their advice not only worthwhile but cost effective.
This year we will be at the Peterborough B2B Exhibition on Wednesday 21st October, looking to meet the best local businesses in the area and hoping to support them with their marketing in the local area #PboroB2B
Tiles throughout history
Tiles throughout history
Tiles appear everywhere. Restaurants, roofs, pavements, hospitals, churches, mosques, shops and homes are just a few of the places where tiles are often found. While some styles of tile are purely utilitarian and are installed for purely practical purposes, others are installed simply just to look beautiful.
The whole aim of a business consultant is to help improve the efficiency and performance of your business. They will spend time getting to know your company so they are able to analyse it and provide useful suggestion to help achieve the organisation’s goals. But what does a business consultant actually do and how do they help businesses?
It’s all about the tiles
It’s all about the tiles
Choosing tiles for your bathroom can be a daunting task given all the choice both in the shops and on-line; so how on earth do you whittle it down to just one or two?
A nightclub in Derby is at risk of losing its license due to a number of fire safety failings! Is your business covered?
Behind the business: Luke Tuckey, Blinds in Harmony.
The buzz is building in the City Centre...
Introducing our latest member – Bailey's Catering!
Do I know you from somewhere? Have I seen you before? These are questions I hope people are asking you because they've noticed your online presence … so when they meet you they feel like they know you!
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