Little Miracles Disney Trip
8th November 2017
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This wonderful cause supports families that have children with additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions.

They offer everything from fun free play sessions at their centre (The Spinney – based at Hartwell Way, Peterborough), home education, outdoor days and activities (such as their recent trip to Disney), counselling services, OT therapy and behavioural therapy for families in need. The list goes on! Just like everyone else, the children of Little Miracles need a place to play, laugh and create friendships. The charity provides this whilst the families are able to access the advice, support and care that they deserve.

Those that attended the trip to Disney had an amazing time, as highlighted by numerous parents. Eloise Veale mentioned, “My daughter Eloise told me, “It was the best day ever. Everyone at the park made all the children with disabilities feel welcome and accepted. I can hand-on-heart say that we wouldn’t have experienced such a magical trip without Little Miracles.”

Lou Merritt added, “My son, Charlie, very rarely shows his emotions. Even he said that it was the best day of his life. Little Miracles made everything so stress-free with the hours spent on making sure everyone’s individual needs were seen to.”

The event organiser, Emily Sibthorpe, said “Highlights included the Parade and Fireworks, but to be honest it was all so amazing and magical. Everyone had a great time and we’ve already decided to go again next year. We hope to make this an annual event.”

Fundraising is vital to the charity’s survival and to continue the great level of support that it provides to the families. Therefore, they need support themselves to continue doing what they do.

Disney was just the tip of the iceberg. To keep the magic alive, Little Miracles have lots planned this Christmas – including a coach trip to Winter Wonderland, the Panto (for 680 people!), Ice Skating, festive craft making, baking, parties, etc. They are also looking to purchase gifts for each of the children. The charity is looking for donations to fund this and much more. As examples of what your money could pay for… it will cost around £10 to pay for a Christmas Present, £100 for a day’s Arts & Crafts with lunch, £500 to send 200 children Ice Skating and £5,440 to send 680 to the Panto.

If you would like to fund an activity or gifts for the kids this Christmas, contact Michael Clarke, the Business Development Manager, on

To find out more about the charity, visit

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