Five Top Tips for Small Bathroom Designs
23rd December 2015
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It can be quite tricky to get everything a bathroom needs into a small space.  In many cases it’s like completing a really difficult jigsaw puzzle or sliding block game.  Fitting in everything that’s needed including the sink, toilet, bath or shower is difficult enough, but then there’s the storage required for those important bathroom accessories such as towels, the mirror, toilet rolls, cleaning materials, tooth brushes, shower gels, shampoos and of course your cosmetics. 

Alongside the design and appearance of a bathroom, it does need to be functional.  You need to be able to have a wash, use the toilet, take a shower or bath.  So, what are the top tips for designing bathrooms within small spaces?

Make Use of the Door – Everything can get on top of everything else when a bathroom small.  Therefore, it’s a good idea (with all the walls used up with appliances) to install the towel rail on the back of the door.  Then the door itself becomes a useful place for storage and helps you to keep towels fresher and neater hanging them on the rail.

Utilise the Wall Space – To give your more floor space, it’s advisable to mount the vanity unit onto the wall.  This means that a little space is created underneath it, which can be used to store smaller items in the bathroom.

The Appearance of Space – With all the appliances and accessories installed into the small bathroom, it may look overrun or have a slight claustrophobic feel.  You can create the illusion of additional space by using larger tiles within the space.  In addition, use larger mirrors within the room.  You’ll find that the sink and toilet go less than half way up the wall, so there’s plenty of space above those two items to fit the larger mirror. 

Sink Choices – The best sink options for the smaller bathroom are either the corner sink or trough sink.  The corner sink certainly gives you additional floor space and the trough sink is thinner and longer horizontally creating more room between that and maybe the shower.  In addition, with the option of the trough sink it is better to install the tap from the wall, so that the flow of water isn’t restricted by the size of the sink.


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