Machinery for Hire at Orange Plant
31st March 2016
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Machinery Available at Orange Plant…

Are you looking for machinery to hire from Orange Plant? Unsure on what piece of equipment is suitable for? Then look no further, within this article each piece of equipment will be explained for you so that you are full of knowledge when deciding on what equipment you should hire.


Stump Grinders

A stump grinder is a power tool that removes tree stumps, the stump grinder does this by a rotating cutting disk that chips away at the wood. Using a stump grinders eliminates the need for other methods of removing stumps such as burning, digging or treating stumps with chemicals. The grinding teeth of a stump grinder can reduce tree stumps down to ground level and further, which can allow replanting or ground preparation for other purposes.

Orange Plant are the sole importer for the Carlton range of stump grinders. There are a range of stump grinders that Orange Plant can offer… small walk behind machines, track mounted and self-propelled.

Wood Chippers

Wood Chippers are a fantastic way to reduce brush wood into chip so it is more manageable and more usable. Orange Plant only supply tough, durable and professional wood chippers. Orange Plant have a range of wood chippers available to you, road toe, tracked, PTO and portable. Smaller machines are suitable for domestic ground maintenance whilst their diesel powered and PTO machines are likely to be used by tree surgeons or arborists working in forestry and the woodland industries.

If you are unsure on which wood chipper is suitable for your needs, Orange Plants experienced and professional team will be able to give you the best guidance and advice to which would machine would be most suitable and support when maintaining it.

Firewood Processors

Orange Plant supply HakkiPilke firewood processors, HakkiPilke are a well-known and regarded finish manufacturer of fuel wood and firewood processors. The range that Orange Plant stock will suit hobby users and professional users.


Check out Orange Plants site for more information on their supplies, there is an extensive range available. 


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