UV Awareness Month - The Eyes
2nd July 2013
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While they bronze our skin and increase energy and happiness levels, it won’t come as much of a revelation to anybody reading this that UV rays from the sun can also be extremely harmful.

Overexposure to UV rays can burn the skin in a matter of hours and in extreme cases lead to premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer, which is precisely why the USA have designated July as UV awareness month.

These days, the majority of people are pretty clued up about the best ways to protect their skin against the sun. In fact, you’ll often hear people quite correctly warning others that they should be applying sun cream even when the sun is behind clouds.However, far fewer people seem to be as concerned about the harmful effects of UV rays on the eyes.

A worrying number of people are unaware that UV rays are damaging the eyes, and of those who are aware, many still mistakenly believe that darker sunglasses provide greater protection against the sun. However, experts recommend purchasing sunglasses that provide 95% UV protection or greater, and that has nothing to do with the shade of the glass.

Andrew has been looking to replace his sunglasses for a while now, so we sent him along to J. Neville Opticians in Whittlesey to talk to Jan Neville about UV protection and try on a few options.

Jan points out that “people enjoy the sun, but go to great lengths to protect their skin from burning. Why don’t they do the same for their eyes? While severe problems such as cataracts are extremely rare, overexposure to UV rays is not good for the health of the eye, and can be corrected very easily with a good pair of sunglasses”.

So what does he recommend? Well, Jan suggests that the best tool for the job is a pair of good quality sunglasses that both reflect and absorb UV rays for double protection. Jan strongly recommends both Ray Ban and Oakley as an investment in the health of your eyes.

Check out Andrew’s choices in the photos below.

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