Parfitt's Carpets has 'Spring' In Its Steps!
9th March 2016
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A new choice of flooring makes an incredible difference to the room whether that change comes from a  new colour choice or an alternative type of flooring; perhaps you're considering carpeting instead of veneers or wood surfaces.  If you're planning under-foot changes to your home, make sure you call in with Parfitt's Carpets in Pembroke Dock and have a look – and feel – of their wool carpet ranges. 

Although the cost of fitting a wool carpeting can put a lot of people off, the truth is that wool lasts significantly longer than a man-made alternative; you'll get decades out of a natural floorcovering, as attested to when a carpet retailer was summoned to replace one his family firm had fitted.....71 years before. Now, that must have been quite a piece of woven craftsmanship but you can genuinely expect a lifespan of a full 20 years (maybe more) from a good wool carpet as opposed to about 7 or 8 from a synthetic option. 

Secondly, like the fluffy creatures that supply it, wool carpets are naturally dirt-repellent. The estimate is that every square foot of wool carpet can hold about a pound of dirt before it starts to look dirty; we don't suggest you tap dance in muddy boots on them but, on the plus side, it's good to know that they're not as delicate as you might think! 

Another great aspect that's not widely considered is that wool is naturally fire-retardent; firefighters suits are often made from FearNought, dozens of tightly pressed thin layers of wool that naturally repel both oil and flames. A carpet that won't smoulder or burn can only be a benefit for any household (although we like to think it will never get put to the test). It also is naturally springy and less likely to be damaged permanently by heavy items being placed on it; it excels in returning to its original texture and so maintains a pristine appearance for much longer than nylon floorcoverings. 

Last but by no means least, nothing compares to the feel of a wool carpet. A good quality wool or wool-mix has a softness that can't be imitated coupled with the firmness and bounce that comes from being made by a naturally sustainable and ecologically-sound material. It acts as a natural insulating device to your household but is also cooler in summer: being made from natural resources, it has all the versatility required by a living thing to retain comfort whatever the temperature. 

Whilst the initial cost may seem a little off-putting, next time you are changing your flooring, give some serious consideration to wool. That price tag may seem a little higher but you can be assured that the workmanship and durability will be that, too.

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