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Mr Landlord, Are You Mad?!!
Mr Landlord, Are You Mad?!!
A firm piece of advice to all 'would-be' landlords from Paul Adams!
This Christmas, Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People is launching a Twinkle Little Star appeal to raise much needed funds and spread the word about the work of the charity and the children it supports.
Congratulations to President Barack Obama on winning his second term in the White House. But next week in the UK, we face an election of our own and it seems to be one of the best kept secrets in the country!
Council tax support is changing from next year (April 2013) and the council is asking for your views.
Just a message to make you aware there has been an increase in thefts of catalytic converters!!!
Laptops, mobile phones and PCs were at the top of many people’s Christmas lists this year. But expensive gadgets are also a major attraction for thieves...
Shed owners are being warned to be on their guard after a spate of break-ins recently.
Switch on to crime prevention
Switch on to crime prevention
With the clocks going back on Sunday, local residents are being encouraged to play their part by switching on to some simple crime prevention tactics
Car owners are being invited to have their vehicle's catalytic converter marked free of charge in a bid to prevent theft.
A film maker for the BBC is looking for people who have been the victim of a burglary and have subsequently been re-united with their goods
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