Mr Landlord, Are You Mad?!!
8th October 2019
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I'm delighted to publish another inspiring article written by Paul Adams, Director of Adams and Jones Estate and Lettings Agency in Market Harborough.


"Let me start by saying we rent out houses, quite a lot of them.  Our landlords range from the reluctant landlord who can’t sell, but needs to move, to corporate lets and property portfolio landlords who do it as a business.  It doesn’t matter who it is, we still offer the same choice of service, Fully Managed or Introduction Only. 

Introduction Only is, of course, the cheaper option and my response to a request for this is invariably ‘Absolutely, Mr Landlord’.  At the same time I will be thinking ‘Are you completely bonkers Mr Landlord?!!!’

Why? I hear you say.  Well firstly, at the last count, we had 175 pieces of separate legislation to consider before the, seemingly simple, task of renting a house out could be carried out. The vast majority of which is being constantly changed or updated.  Keeping on top of legal changes is, in itself, a full time job and we have assistance from professional and regulatory bodies such as The Association of Residential Letting Agents and Trading Standards!  As an example, amongst the new legislation being introduced this year is The Homes Act (Fitness for Human Habitation) – March, Ban on tenant fees – June, MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard)- April and Mandatory Private Landlord Redress Scheme.  I often think I must be bonkers wanting to deal with it all and it’s my business!

Secondly, there are maintenance issues and disputes to deal with.  I should say at this point that we are very lucky in Market Harborough that, in the main, our quality of tenant is very good and the problems we have are very low in comparison to some larger cities.  However, likelihood is you will get the occasional leaking tap or similar to deal with and there may be a dispute over whose responsibility it is for repair.  This is where we really earn our commission, standing in between landlord and tenant (whilst tactfully filtering out some of the not so gracious personal comments) and striving for a resolution that will keep all parties happy.  From personal experience we have found that if there is no intermediary between landlord and tenant, World War 3 can very soon break out!

Thirdly, a managing agent who has a large portfolio of fully managed properties will provide their preferred maintenance contractors with often enough work to keep them fully employed.  They will, therefore, generally get a better rate than the landlord might get from an emergency repairs contractor.  Also the landlord can be assured that he is getting a contractor that has been tried and tested.

So, ‘Don’t get mad by being bonkers Mr Landlord, leave that job to the professionals!’  I’m adjusting the fittings on my straitjacket as we speak!"


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