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Why you have way more control over what happens to your business than you realise!
Love it or hate it, Twitter is a powerful tool for connecting you and your business to a wider audience.
If you have a website, don't let Google affect your rankings.
The Spark Business Idea competition has arrived in Leicestershire and companies with new business and growth ideas are being urged to enter, pitch their ideas and vie for prizes worth over £37,000.
Is it possible to have a 'Buy Local' Christmas this year?
Two building society bosses successfully made it around all six building society HQs in Leicestershire in one day using unusual vehicles. The charity quest has raised almost £6,000 for the hospice LOROS and prostate cancer charity PROSTaid.
Voluntary Action South Leicestershire, based in The Settling Rooms, in the middle of Sainsbury’s Car Park, have space for voluntary or community organisations to hot desk from their offices.
Businesses in Market Harborough are being invited to take part in a survey to build up a picture of the town and attract funding for projects and we are trying to help get as many businesses as possible to complete the survey.
"In Britain a new Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury's or Asda opens every other day. But across the country people are battling the relentless march of the 'Big Four'" The intro to a fascinating article published in The Guardian Weekend magazine on Saturday.
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