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Dancing their Way to Success!

The students at a local children's dance school waltz their way to success

Unmissable summer fun in Lichfield

With the summer holidays slowly approaching, here's a taster of what's on this summer in Lichfield

 What on Earth is a Pleached Tree?

Would you believe that we had no idea what a pleached tree is?

What are you doing on the longest day of the year?

June 21st not only marks the beginning of summer, but it's also the longest day of the year, where we will get more sunlight than any other day!

JC Academy are back this Summer

JC Academy are back in Lichfield with their fun and exciting children's activity camp

Looking for a Plumber in a Time of Need?

Things don't always go well at home and we require someone to fix things for us in a time of need, so who should you call?

Why you should hire these Accountants in Lichfield

Whether you're just starting up your own business or have been running one for a long time, these chartered accountants in Lichfield can help you with your finances

Show off your Business

13 June 2017 10:47

If you’re showcasing your business at a trade show or business expo and want it to stand out from the rest, get in touch with our recommended exhibition designers.

It's all about Pearls this June

Did you know that pearl is the birthstone of June?

Over 800 Reviews and Counting

As more of us use the internet to look for businesses, it's not surprising that online reviews have become essential in helping build a business' reputation. So what if we told you that we know a business that has over 800 reviews?

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