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Firstly, I hope this finds you well. How are you and your loved ones coping?
The reality is COVID-19 is creating a lot of uncertainty for local Kettering businesses and customers alike.
Operation Protect is our FREE campaign to help get Kettering businesses back on their feet as quickly as possible and to give them purpose during Lockdown.
Shopping is difficult at the moment, cooking can be a problem but there are restaurants and pubs in and around Kettering doing takeaway food and in some cases delivered food either themselves or Uber.
Local Kettering businesses are doing everything they can to keep you safe and continue to provide a service to the community so life can go on.
A tale of expensive woe about someone paying way over the top for a service! Wilson's Independent Locksmiths explain how easy it is to be caught out in an emergency, well worth taking note of as this sort of thing happens time and again.
The lease for the Cransley Hospice building adjoining St Mary’s Hospital is coming to an end and will not be renewed.
Just got home and you are: Locked out of your house? Lost your keys?
Parking will be controlled by Kettering Council wardens rather than police. A great article here with thanks to the Northanptonshire Telegraph.
Time 2 Celebrate. It is our 12th Birthday this month, where has the time gone!
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