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They say 'having a clear vision' is the key to a successful entrepreneur - one that has developed from first recognising an overwhelming opportunity - or in the words of Paul Deadman - a 'gap in the market' and then acting upon it
I have owned several Land Rover Discovery's and a few Range Rovers in the last few years and so many of the Range Rovers have had electronic problems and air suspension problems.
Scratched or dented car body? Looking for somewhere to get that damaged repaired?
Trust is a major factor in getting your car repaired or serviced, a fear of getting ripped off is always in our minds.
It's amazing how as soon as it gets hot the A/C in the car fails.
This should be the time for using your car A/C but the first time you come to need it it's not working.
We all have close encounters with kerbs and they don't do much for our alloy wheels.
The dealers can be quite expensive even if you do own a Porsche but there are good alternatives.
We are always using our tyres and they do wear out! There are so many tyre dealers in Kettering to choose from but where do we go?
We have to buy tyres from time to time but where can I get them at a good price with good service and trustworthy advice?
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