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There are so many studies linking stress to obesity that it’s almost absurd BUT the Lockdown situation can also induce stress and this can combine to add to our stress problems.
Top Tips about massage from Lloyd of Portable Massage UK who will visit you in your own home in the Kettering and wider local area. We have everything else delivered so why not a massage?
You can get all the benefits of relaxation and pain relief locally in the Kettering area in less than an hour!
Boardmans are a highly rated and recommended clinic for treatment of back, neck, shoulder and joint pain. Offering treatments and massage therapy for a wide variety of injuries and conditions.
The team at Boardman Sport and Injury Therapy are here to help you with back, neck, shoulder and other joint pain as well as sports injuries.
The latest purpose built wellbeing centre in the county is now open and it's in Kettering.
We are a singing group for people with respiratory conditions such as COPD or asthma. We have just started a class in Kettering.
More resolutions? How about a great list of helpful things to do?
What an amazing experience just seeing how the play team help, support and look after the children on the ward.
Are you thinking of giving up smoking now, of did you do it last year?
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