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17th March 2020
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This is an incredibly ambitious journey. Patryk Kucza set off from Jersey on a round the world cycling trip on Friday 20th September 2019 to raise money for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. His ambitious tour involves cycling over 21,000 miles across Europe, Asia, Australasia and South America — the equivalent of circumnavigating Jersey 500 times. His route is taking him through a number of Durrell sites in places like India, Sumatra and Brazil.

"I am cycling around the world for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust because I want to highlight the global reach of our zoo!" Patryk Kucza

'Rewild our World' is an initiative by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, aiming to help 100 threatened species across 10 sites around the world, while also inspiring 1,000,000 people to reconnect with nature. 

“Our aim is for more diverse, beautiful and resilient natural landscapes in which species can thrive and people can enjoy a deeper connection with nature. Our new strategy concentrates on the rewilding of animals, the rewilding of ecosystems and the rewilding of people.” Durrell.

Pat’s ambition is to raise awareness and document Durrell's global conservation work at some of their rewilding sites, whilst raising vital funds for the charity along the way.

We have been following updates via Pat’s Instagram account @WorldTour4Durrell and are so impressed wanted to share a few of his photos from his epic journey so far. 

Pat is currently at Day 180 of this journey, and has just arrived in Malaysia (ahead of them closing their borders due to coronavirus.) He is keeping in close contact with The British Embassy who have permitted his journey to continue as planned. The next phase will be a 3-4,000 mile stretch across Australia.  

Do tune in to his journal on Instagram – it is a fascinating read and great to share in his incredible journey. And, be generous if you can. All donations made via Pat's justgiving page will go towards Durrell’s mission to save species from extinction, and create a wilder, healthier, more colourful world. Plus, every pound donated will Pat motivate as he cycles on, promoting and inspiring people of all ages to be more active and encouraging them to rediscover nature. 

You can discover much more about Durrells' Rewild our World campaign here. 

All photos from Pat Kucza instagram  @WorldTour4Durrell

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