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At thebestof Jersey we proud to promote the best businesses in the island and I often get asked ‘how do you know if they are the best business’?
14 Days of Love is coming!
14 Days of Love is coming!
This has not been a good year for Jersey, we have seen a fair number of high profile business closures and the number of local workers un-employed is growing. With the futures of HMV and Blockbuster hanging in the balance it’s all a bit doom and gloom at the moment. This is your opportunity to brighten up the day of your favourite local businesses and tell them that they are loved and appreciated.
These can be difficult times for young people looking to start a career in Jersey. The news from the finance industry these days tends to be more about downsizing than growth so I was very pleased to see that RBC are bucking the trend and are still offering opportunities.
Unless you know of one, finding a good tradesman can be a pretty hit or miss exercise. I am asking for you help to identify great Jersey tradesmen so that we can let more local people know about them and what makes them special.
Successful businesses are constantly evolving and improving,at 'theBestof’ we've been planning some major changes and I’m pleased to share a sneak preview of our new website that will be even more effective in promoting outstanding Jersey businesses.
For anyone owning or running a business in Jersey (or any where else) this is a vital question! Think about this and make sure you have what you think is the answer. To see if you are correct you will need to read the Blog.
Happy customers are the best marketing tools available to any business the problem is that most businesses do nothing to actively promote this potentially powerful aid to their business. This is what Sure have done in an unusual and eye catching way.
Our third14 Days of Love campaign came to an end at midnight on 14th February and Jersey’s most loved business can now be confirmed as Dental Excellence, dental practice at Quennevais, which obtained 144 reviews over the past 12 months.
We are getting loads of reviews on both the great businesses we already feature and also on other local businesses that people love. There are great prizes on offer to encourage participation. Why not recommend your favourite local business today?
Would like to receive £75 (or more) for a few minutes of your time? Would you like to receive thanks from your family, friends and work colleagues by giving them the same opportunity? If so the latest offer from The Best of Jersey is one for you!
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