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How do you find a plumber you can rely on in Jersey. Well, it’s not in the Yellow Pages because they give you no information to enable you to make an informed selection. What you need is information and ideally recommendations from past customers to help you make the right decision. We can help.
Well the weather is glorious (at the moment) and the schools have broken up for summer. If you are looking for something to do there is an abundance of events in Jersey that are attractive to both adults and children, please check out our Events Page for some of the best.
The weather was so nice yesterday that Pam and I decided to visit Durrell to see if we could see some of the babies that have recently been born in their gorilla and orang-utan families.
Are you planning on some home improvements? Do you have a maintenance job that is long overdue? Finding a suitable Tradesman is essential and ‘thebestof’ Jersey is pleased to assist.
Did you know that the Visite du Branchage dates back to a 1914 law that imposes a duty on all occupiers of property to ensure that encroachments are removed from the public highway? For details of the 2013 schedule and some more details please read on.
This the second Blog from Stephen Le Quesne, who is the Education Officer for The National Trust for Jersey and has a passion for the island, outdoor life and local wildlife. In this Blog he talks about the amazing diversity of local wildlife found in our small island.
It seems amazing that after today the days will start to get shorter and we only have a couple of months of ‘summer’ ahead before we start thinking about autumn, today in St.Ouen is chilly, misty and damp. Not what you expect from summer!
At thebestof Jersey we proud to promote the best businesses in the island and I often get asked ‘how do you know if they are the best business’?
Why buy local?
Why buy local?
There is no doubt that local retail businesses are working in a much tougher environment than was the case even a few years ago. The increase in people buying on-line, combined with dwindling visitor numbers, locals feeling the pinch economically and high rentals have all added up to more local businesses closing down and an increase in the number of empty shops in town.
As you may be aware' thebestof' Jersey relies on local people to tell us about the special local businesses that they know well and trust to always go that extra mile for their customers. To encourage people to tell us about the businesses that they love I will be making a donation to Hospice for each recommendation I receive.
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