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They've worked together as one company for over 10 years now, but the Directors of Glazedale and K&A Cox Ltd have just announced that the two companies have parted ways and will now be managed independently. But they've not gone very far apart...
There are so many companies out there in the market offering discounts and deals on new or replacement conservatories, windows and doors, but how do you choose the best one for you? Check out our new blog for some great advice.
If you're looking to spruce up your patio doors this Spring, check out this stylish new range now available at multi-award winning Glazedale K&A Cox Ltd
The weather shows no sign of letting up and the Met Office have just issued not one, but two separate weather warnings for our local area. Find out more here...
Our local Trading Standards Team have just alerted us to a current scam involving Green Deal and Boiler Inspections. Read on to find out more and keep yourself (and your money) safe!
Are These Your Stolen Items?
Are These Your Stolen Items?
If you've been broken into or had any of your property stolen in the last few months, now is your chance to see if you can get your stuff back. Derbyshire Police have just released pictures of a large number of items they think have been stolen from within the Amber Valley - are any of them yours?
The next panel meeting of the local police for Heanor and Loscoe will take place later this month. Do you have any issues you'd like to discuss with them?
As many as 27 children have died in the UK from blind cord injuries and accidents since 1999. Find out how you can keep your child safe and reduce the risk, with our highly recommended blind suppliers in Heanor and Ripley.
Are your windows steaming up?
Are your windows steaming up?
Read about the different causes of condensation in this great blog by Glazedale.
Tab-top, pleated, tie backs or loose? The questions to ask when you are choosing new curtains are almost endless. K&A Cox will take the stress out of finding the perfect new look for your home.
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