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Find out about impending Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service strike dates
Find out how local police rangers are stepping up patrols to make Shipley Country Park a safer place for you this summer
Find out how your local area is being improved through a recent cash boost used for essential road repairs
The Chair of the HS2 High Speed Rail Project has today announced that the project should be pushed through Parliament and finished earlier - but will it be good for our area? Will it even come close to our area? Find out what our local Chamber of Commerce thinks...
Police are warning motorists to be careful after a spate of dangerous incidents in Heanor which saw three cars have their brake pipes cut! Find out more in this press release from Derbyshire Police.
Our local MP Nigel Mills handed over a petition to Parliament yesterday with over 3000 signatures demanding the re-opening of Heanor Memorial Hospital. Find out more in our latest blog.
The weather shows no sign of letting up and the Met Office have just issued not one, but two separate weather warnings for our local area. Find out more here...
Our local Trading Standards Team have just alerted us to a current scam involving Green Deal and Boiler Inspections. Read on to find out more and keep yourself (and your money) safe!
Some great crime prevention advice from our local police to help protect all those great presents you got for Christmas...
Local police have been given new powers to tackle groups of people causing a nuisance in Heanor, including the power to take youths under 16 home if they are out and causing problems after 9pm. Read more here...
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