Severe Weather Warning for Heanor and Ripley
10th February 2014
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Here in Heanor and Ripley we might not be having it anywhere near as bad as the South West and Somerset, but we've certainly had plenty of rain over the last couple of months! 

Unfortunately there is no sign of an end to it all yet either, with the Met Office issuing two seperate weather warnings for the East Midlands over the coming week. 

Snow on Tuesday

There is a yellow warning for snow across Derbyshire, even down to the lower levels from Tuesday through the Wednesday. Whilst the snow will probably melt between the showers during the day, the Met Office are warning of the potential for accumulations of between 1-3cm overnight, with a further warning of ice forming which could lead to difficult driving conditions well into Wednesday.

Wind on Wednesday

Following the snow, a significant wind is forecast to develop into Wednesday, with some gusts getting up to 60-70mph, bringing the potential for travel disruption and even power cuts across the whole of the East Midlands.

Wherever in our area you are over the next couple of days, take care and stay safe!

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