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Here's a quick reminder of all the exciting events at Blend this summer holiday
Our local MP Nigel Mills handed over a petition to Parliament yesterday with over 3000 signatures demanding the re-opening of Heanor Memorial Hospital. Find out more in our latest blog.
As many as 27 children have died in the UK from blind cord injuries and accidents since 1999. Find out how you can keep your child safe and reduce the risk, with our highly recommended blind suppliers in Heanor and Ripley.
Have you always fancied having a facial but not really known what it is or why you need one? In this blog we explain the top 5 reasons why everyone (and that's you too, men) should be having regular treatments....
Do you want to lose weight and get fit? Want a beautiful beach body, or a perfect flat six pack stomach? Have a read of this....
Nigel Mills gives his backing to a new self-help group starting next week in Ripley, which is aiming to help people at risk or involved in self-harm.
At this time of year, we all want to look and feel great, so many of us turn to hair and beauty salons for treatments and styling. Find out what we've got available here in Heanor and Ripley in our latest blog.
Schools across Heanor and Ripley are reporting an increase in cases of head lice; do you know what to look for and how to treat them?
Following the serious outbreak of measles in South Wales, Derbyshire County Council are urging all local parents to get their children vaccinated against this potentially deadly disease.
Winter’s certainly dragging on! We’re nearly in April and it’s still snowing outside – even the Easter bunny needed his thermals this year. Will you be ready for when summer does arrive? Read on to find out how you can look great this summer, even if you're still carrying those winter pounds...
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