How will you be spending Easter weekend in Haverhill?
18th March 2015
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I’m struggling to get my head around the fact that Easter is around the corner already, when I am still finding the odd stray pine needle nestling in the carpet (and yes, I do vacuum on a regular basis...)

But the sight of supermarket shelves groaning under the weight of a thousand chocolate eggs confirms that we are indeed about to welcome the Easter Bunny for his annual visit.

Hot on the heels of this realisation is obviously the fact that schools will be breaking up, a little time off work is due, and in order not to fail in our duty as mum/dad/sister/child/spouse/friend (delete as appropriate), every moment of this precious ‘free’ time must be filled with activities appropriate to the participants and guaranteed to create memories that will never be dimmed by the passage of time…

Ok, got a bit carried away there. But still, the opportunity to have some family fun is not one to be passed up, and here in Haverhill I’ve found a few events that should appeal to various family members.

My granny loved it!

I remember Saturday afternoons in the 1970’s as being the time my nan would plant herself in front of the television for her weekly fix of wrestling! Yep, I’m not sure what it is about grannies and wrestling but they just loved shouting at the TV as Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy and Mick McManus slugged it out.

And whilst as a child I failed to see the immediate appeal of a 28 stone man in a skimpy leotard I would inevitably find myself glued to the contortions and apparent brutality of the sport.

The appeal was of course that it was largely staged for entertainment purposes, and unlike boxing blood was not shed and eyes not blackened, in short, it was good clean fun for all the family.

Why not see for yourself when LDN Wrestling take to the ring on Thursday 2nd April. Designed to be a family friendly event and evening of rip roaring professional wrestling is planned featuring the top stars of LDN.

LDN celebrated its 10th Anniversary last year and played a huge part in the resurgence of British wrestling. Take granny, take the kids, for an exciting fun filled evening of family entertainment.

Please click here for further details.

A bit more genteel for grandad maybe?

In pretty stark contrast, snooker offers quiet concentration and exceptional skill and yet can be equally nail biting as the tension mounts.

Haverhill Ex Service-mens Club are holding a Snooker Spectacular for Easter 2015 from Saturday 4th April at 9.00am until 4.00pm on Sunday 5th April.

This event is for players with any disability or special needs and is the first time Haverhill has been selected as a venue for a National Snooker Competition.

Organised by TJS Snookerbility, the draw takes place at 10.00am followed by the Round Robin and Knockout stages.
On Sunday night there will be evening entertainment and presentation of trophies for the winner, runner up and highest break. Will we see a 147? Who knows, but we will see a weekend of jolly good snooker.

For further information, please click here.

One for the kids… of course!

What is Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt? And once again Kedington is hosting this annual event at The Great Meadow, where there are literally hundreds of yummy chocolate eggs there for the taking.

Come along on Saturday 4th April from 11.00am for a 2pm start. And don’t worry about the little ones being left behind, special arrangements have been made to give children under 6 years old a bit of a head start!

Nobody will leave empty handed, with more than 600 eggs to find plus 140 bags of mini eggs for anyone who doesn’t manage to find one. In addition there will be special prizes of six big eggs for those who find the special green blocks, and a wonderful donated even bigger egg for the lucky finder of the gold block.

Of course no Easter Egg hunt is complete without an Easter Bunny, and Kedington has not one but two scheduling a visit to the event. Add to this a raffle and refreshments and it promises to be a fun day out for all the family.

Please click here to find out more.

An Easter treat for dad (and mum, and the older kids… and the younger ones will probably enjoy it too)

If I said more than 30 real ales and craft beers, over ten different ciders and perries plus eight FREE live bands over five days, that pretty much sounds like a good time right?!

The 15th Plough Beer Festival is being held from Thursday 2nd April to Easter Monday and the theme this year is “The Six County Battle”; a round up of the finest ales and ciders from the six East Anglian counties.

With a truly eclectic mix of musical performances covering rock, pop, folk, punk, indie and much more there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Children are welcome at the festival in the bar side until 9pm,although they do ask that dogs are not brought to the live music sessions.

Just 6 miles from Haverhill, The Plough Inn at Hundon offers beautiful surroundings, a restaurant serving a vast selection of mouth watering dishes and comfortable accommodation if you decide to make a weekend of it! 

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