Children are now being taught about money management so Haverhill parents, have you got your finances in order?
27th August 2014
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Ok, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Oversized blazers, sensible shoes, pencil cases and lunch boxes are being purchased with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Yep, it’s nearly back to school time!

And those heading off to Secondary School will now be learning to manage their money and plan for future financial decisions in both Mathematics and Citizenship classes.

Designed to ensure future generations are equipped with the skills to manage money on a day to day basis and to plan for their future financial needs, areas covered will include income and expenditure, credit and debt, insurance, savings and pensions, financial products and services, and how public money is raised and spent.

Which is great, and hopefully means that my children won’t find themselves in my current situation. That of being faced with a mountain of neglected paperwork which has managed to accumulate over recent weeks. I’m sorry but when your days are spent trying to keep a houseful of kids occupied, and retain your own sanity at the same time, it is simply not possible to deal with bills, insurances, pensions or even junk mail.

So it’s all been put to one side, until the kids go back to school…which is now. And I really wish I’d kept on top of it now. Where do I start?

I know I need to put my finances in order, overspending having been pretty much inevitable all summer. I know I’m in the fortunate position of having savings, and a pension.

However, I’m also pretty certain that neither are working as well as they could for me right now. In fact I’m sure the bank love me as they ‘take care’ of my little nest egg, paying little more than a pittance in interest rates, simply because like so many others, I am fearful of an investment market I know nothing about.

Even the simple things, home, life and car insurances managed to catch me unawares last year. Renewals came through, got put to one side ‘to be dealt with’ and by the time I got round to it I’d left it too late to shop around, they had renewed automatically, and I was paying more than I needed to.

Had there been the benefit of financial management classes when I was at school this might all be so much easier. But still time consuming, and confusing.

Being self employed has had its advantages over recent weeks, giving me the flexibility to spend time with the family, enjoy a few days out and not pay extortionate amounts in child care. But for every ray of sunshine a little rain must fall, or in my case, a tsunami of yet more neglected paperwork. Only in this case getting it wrong won’t just mean paying over the odds on my mobile phone contract, it has the potential to bring the taxman knocking with his hand outstretched… or worse.

It’s becoming clear that there comes a point when doing it yourself to save money becomes a false economy. I think I have reached that point, and might just be making a couple of phone calls!

Personal finances

Firstly, I want someone to overhaul all my personal finances. I want someone who can advise me on my pension, investments, insurances and savings in an honest, impartial manner and work out what’s best for me, my family and our future.

And if I want all that, I want Foster Denovo Limited. The Foster Denovo Group has a network of firms and financial advisers nationwide, with Richard Woodwards serving Haverhill and the surrounding areas. When you are effectively entrusting your future security it is vital your advisor has the right credentials, and Richard has built up an enviable reputation in Haverhill as an honest, expert financial advisor with many clients happy to share their experiences.

Robert E: "…a most trusted adviser. He has never once let us down and has always carried out whatever he has promised to do."

Beryl C: "I feel very confident that our funds are wisely invested. One of our investments is giving unbelievable returns (over 30%)."

Indeed, Richard at Foster Denovo Limited has consistently received five star reviews here at thebestof Haverhill; you can see for yourself by visiting his page.

Please click here for more information about Foster Denovo Limited.

What about managing those accounts?

Looking for someone to take care of business accounts can sometimes be difficult, especially if like me, much of your work is carried out after the kids have gone to bed!

I need a 24/7 accounts system, and that can only really be addressed by an online accounts service. But I also need a human being to talk to when I get stuck, someone to unravel the jargon, and maybe unlimited e mail and phone support. And I want to know how much this is going to cost me, with no nasty surprises.

I thought I was asking too much until I discovered 1 Accounts Online Limited. As a Sage One accountant, proprietor Paul Donno at 1 Accounts Online Limited in Haverhill provides instant access and response, real time accounts using the most up to date software so all your accounting, bookkeeping, tax returns and payroll can be done quickly and effectively via the internet.

And because 1 Accounts Online Limited works in real time you can create and email professional invoices, produce reports and see how your business is progressing at any time, from anywhere with internet access.

Better still 1 Accounts Online Limited's services work on a fixed fee basis, which start at just £22.50 + VAT per month. And if you’re really not sure, why not go for the FREE 30 day trial.

Please click here to find out more about Haverhill accountants, 1 Accounts Online Limited.

So whilst the kids of today will hopefully be far better equipped than I to deal with their financial futures, all is not lost for me as there are experts I can turn to right here in Haverhill, and turn to them I will!

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