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Anyone for Tennis!
Anyone for Tennis!
It's that time of year again, tennis at Wimbledon. Pimms, strawberries and cream, and sunshine – okay perhaps not the sunshine. It must be time for Tennis!
Looking for Furniture?
Looking for Furniture?
Looking for top quality furniture than you need to speak to BFS Interiors in Harrow.
What is a Celebrant?
What is a Celebrant?
What if a full religious wedding doesn't rock your boat? What if the totally non-religious, potentially sterile, certificate-signing of a Registry Office doesn't excite you either?
Everyone has something to complain about. How about not complaining for seven days. Will you take on the challenge?
Part 2 of why respect is so important in relationships.
Part 1 of why respect is so important in relationships.
Do you feel that while you are on holiday you want to relax and not worry about what you choose to eat? This is a time to let go, enjoy and who cares if you put weight on? (You do care though, don’t you……?)
Is procrastination a challenge for you in achieving your dreams? If so, then read how Carole Spiers can help you.
North Harrow are looking for business owners who would like to showcase their themselves at the next event being held in March.
Stress is never a good thing. Carole Spiers answers some frequently asked questions on how to deal with stress.
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