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Christmas is a time for fun, family and little over indulgence. Here are some great tips by Ros from Weight Expectations to help you eat sensibly over Christmas.
Treat yourself this Diwali in Harrow with a fresh cream cake from Kool Cakes.
Do you feel that while you are on holiday you want to relax and not worry about what you choose to eat? This is a time to let go, enjoy and who cares if you put weight on? (You do care though, don’t you……?)
A Healthy Pancake Day
A Healthy Pancake Day
How about making a healthy low fat pancake? Have a go with this recipe and pick your favourite filing.
Find out how Kool Cakes in Harrow got to build a birthday cake for Channel 5's Big Brother.
If you are an overeater, it can become particularly problematic during the holidays and family gatherings, where there is more food around than usual. Here are some handy tips to keep you focussed.
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