Holiday Eating - How To Avoid Gaining Weight
27th June 2012
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I always used to gain weight when I was on holiday and came home feeling fat. Does this resonate with you?

Do you feel that while you are on holiday you want to relax and not worry about what you choose to eat? This is a time to let go, enjoy and who cares if you put weight on? (You do care though, don’t you……?)

Well, there is a way you can still enjoy everything and ‘maintain’ your weight. Of course, even if you aren’t going on a holiday, this kind of mindset applies to any situation where there’s an abundance of food – in other words, every day of your life!

Here are some thoughts that you might recognise – can you start re-enforcing these new ideas? It takes a bit of practice but it is not difficult. [Based on Michelle May's Eat What You Love].

“I am on holiday so I am going to eat as much as I want”

Change to: I’m on holiday, so I’m going to eat as much as I want, but not more than I need.

“I dieted before I came and I’ll go back on my diet when I get home to lose what I gain. I better enjoy it while I can”
Change to: I can eat what I enjoy every day.

“Food is everywhere all the time so I can eat constantly”.
Change to: Food is everywhere all the time so I could wait to eat until I feel hungry.

“The buffets are amazing! I’m going to try everything”.
Change to: The buffets are amazing! I can choose what I love, watch my portion and skip the rest.

“I’m not going to worry about what I eat this week”
Change to: I will eat to meet my needs for nourishment and enjoyment no matter where I am.

“I have to get my money’s worth”. Change to: I get my money’s worth when I eat exactly what I need. More than that is a waste of food and makes me feel uncomfortable.

“I’m going to eat until I’m stuffed”.
Change to: I’m going to eat until I feel satisfied [not full] I will feel happier not feeling too full.

“I’ll eat until I’m stuffed tonight but I’ll go to the gym to make up for it tomorrow.
Change to: I’ll eat until I’m comfortable tonight. Maybe I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.

So – by changing your attitude to “ I can eat what I love and stop when I am satisfied”, you’ll enjoy your holiday 10 times more and come home feeling and looking fabulous.

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