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A free cancer information and support service is coming direct to patients in Hammersmith on Monday 22nd October and to Acton on Tuesday 23rd October. View post
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There's a kind of hush...
There's a kind of hush...
After the storm a sort of calm (with 16,000 police on the street not surprising) nevertheless, a good side in my view - we're seeing a great new thing with @riotcleanup demonstrating that the goodies outnumber the baddies. A majority but no longer silent
Keep calm and carry on? The disaster of the riots and the effect it has on our community cannot be understated but the good guys are the majority and the web lets us to stand up to the rioters far more than it helps the chavlets gather to nick a plasma.
I Can CCTV You..
I Can CCTV You..
We have exclusive footage of the riots in Clapham Junction and information about a brilliant CCTV company to help protect yourself and your property. Read the post for more information.
Urgent message from the Met Police: The message concerns local businesses and would their cooperation in identifying the London rioters. If this post could be relayed to the relevant parties that would be much appreciated.
Our friends at Business Tendrils have just published this piece saying that Blackberry will be helping the Met with data to catch the bad guys - for the very first time in my life i suddenly like BB and promise to no longer pour scorn on their users :)
We have recently been conducting a research programme for our latest promotion. A product of this was a google map feature which has all of our businesses located in the two boroughs. We really liked it and we wnated to share it.
This article is about electric cars and folding bikes and how residents can avoid traffic whilst staying green. But a particular shade of green, electric green. Click on the title to read more about this movement in your borough.
It's International Beer Day!! The day when millions of people from around the world join hands and celebrate that wonderful beverage we call beer. Are you ready to celebrate? We sure are.
London is preparing to welcome the Games just one year from now, and the London-Surrey Cycle Classic road race on 14 August 2011 is one of the most important test events.
This week marks one year until the Opening Ceremony of London 2012. The Games may still seem a long way away but the next 12 months is considered by many as the final stretch of an epic journey which began when London was awarded the Games in July 2005.
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