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The Londonist's great review of local Indian restaurant, Potli - as ever our local star restaurant gets some great comments
It's International Beer Day!! The day when millions of people from around the world join hands and celebrate that wonderful beverage we call beer. Are you ready to celebrate? We sure are.
An excruciating insight into the plight of the inbred and emotionally undernourished is a cinematic triumph and well worth going to see. A wonderful story about the power of words beautifully portrayed.
We've blogged about lots of ideas for halloween but this is easily the most scary. Watch the trailer to this new horror movie about some english students in Africa and then click on 'reveal the killers'. You don't have to go to Africa to get a shudder.
The Riverside are keen to build word of mouth for this new production and so are making a limited number of free tickets available to thebestof members.
Simon Callow at a bargain price
Simon Callow at a bargain price
Callow has been playing Shakespeare: The Man From Stratford for a couple of dates already. I'm told it's great but attendance mustn't be what they hoped. Never mind, that's your interval drinks covered!
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