Blackberry will be helping police to catch the rioters
9th August 2011
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Interesting update on the riots and Social Media from our friends at Business Tendrils.


London Riots

We can confirm that Blackberry Messages used for the London Riots recently are going to be handed over to the police. This will most certainly help identify the criminals that have caused so much damage to so many innocent people.


Many of these criminals did not realise that the use of such technology may help them start something horrific, but the same technology will also help capture them and more!


We hope that this use of Social Media to organise crime so quickly will mean that all networks will help the authorities capture the criminals responsible for this.


Please Help 

Please look out for messages that may incite crime and report these.  You can report these privately. If you do not know how to do this - call or email us for help.


Please also ensure that you do not have your location published or mention specific areas in a way that may attract attention of these criminals.


Examples of what to avoid online:


1)   Boasting about your area being civilised or the like.  Only yesterday did a young man do this with reference to Bristol (really cannot understand why!).  Bristol was attacked and the situation became horrific.  The criminals are out to cause the disturbance in different areas, not necessarily their own area.  Boasting will have an impact. 

2)   Do not mention were you "think" mobs are heading to.  This type of message will encourage other youths in different areas to head to exactly the same location that might not have been under their radar to start with.

3)   Be careful as to what you mention is going on.  If you are wrong - you may unknowingly incite crime.


If you have any questions, let us know.

Be Safe London, UK


Naheed Hanif


Business Tendrils




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