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9th August 2011
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It’s times like these that really make you think about personal security.  One of the best ways of protecting yourself and your property is through the use of closed-circuit television surveillance. We are currently working with a company called CCTV Camera Europe, who are a London based CCTV systems specialist that have been installing, repairing and maintaining CCTV systems across Greater London for the past 4 years. They have completed many projects; for both businesses and households, to an extremely high standard and have received many appraisals from previous clients – click here to read some of their testimonials. Interesting on their blog they have recently posted some interesting CCTV footage of a man breaking into a store in Clapham Junction if you would like to see this footage please click here.

Before I dive into exactly what CCTV Camera Europe do, I would like to talk briefly about the history of CCTV cameras.

CCTV cameras were first used in Germany to monitor the V-2 rocket launches in 1942.  In the US, the first commercial CCTV system, called Vericon, was made available in 1949 however it wasn’t until 1987 that Britain saw its first CCTV camera. The first area to use this system was King’s Lyn in Norfolk which it used to fight crime and public disorder in the city centre. Ever since then CCTV systems have become increasingly more common in Britain’s cities and this is for good reason.

Ever since 1987, CCTV systems have become more effective and affordable so that now everyone who wishes to install one can. CCTV Camera Europe tailors each and every one of their systems to provide a suitable solution to the project at hand. On their website they have published a few case studies from past projects to give customers an idea of the sort of things that they can provide. We really like this company and would recommend it to everyone who is considering investing in such a system.


To find out more about the company please visit their website (here) or read our feature for their company by clicking here.


Stay safe and stay informed!

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