Important Message From The Met Police About H&F and the London Riots
9th August 2011
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We have just received a message from the Metropolitan Police Service addressed at businesses in the borough and we thought that the best way to distribute the information to the relevant people would be to pass it on to the people of H&F to redirect accordingly. The message is below in quotations:

Message from Met Police - Information to Businesses

The Police have asked H&F Business Desk to forward this message to you on their behalf.

"The riots over the past three nights (August 6-8) have seen public disorder and criminal damage to residential and business premises across London.

The Metropolitan Police Service has been dealing with several incidents of 'copycat criminal activity' across London resulting in 450 arrests. There is no intelligence of specific targeting of identified business premises. The police are aware of the impact this is having on the business community and is making every effort to combat further criminal activity by increasing the levels of high visibility patrols across London.

The Operation Withern team is continuing their investigation to identify those people responsible for the recent violence, disorder and crime to ensure that they are brought to justice. Anyone with information about the riots should call the major investigation team on 020 8345 4142."


We would like to remind our readers that riot spectators are disrupting police activity therefore we would appreciate your support in minimising this at all costs.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.

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