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The BEW Open Day was a huge success

It might not have moved far, but the opening of newly relocated BEW Guildford was certainly something to celebrate.

Calling ALL Electricians & Contractors in the Guildford area

Calling all Electricians and contractors in the Guildford area . . . BEW Electrical Distributors are offering discounted on-site test meter calibration at their Trade & Calibration Day on Thursday 23rd June 2016, courtesy of Kewtech.

Onslow Beer Festival 28-30th May - The Richard Onslow

It’s back for the third year running, and we’re hoping this one will be our best yet.

Abundance & Raising your vibration workshops

A journey of learning and developing truly wonderful and profound skills to propel yourself in personal growth and spiritual development.

KoKo Hair Salon Celebrate 5 Years In Business

Owner Steve Reina from KoKo Hair Salon Celebrates 5 Years In Business...

The ISS Home Worker Plan - the affordable, easy way to protect your IT

A single monthly payment and your files are securely backed up, and you have support on the end of the phone when you need it. What’s not to like?

Presenting Skills Workshops for SME's

Do you fear speaking in public and are therefore avoiding the opportunity of presenting your business at various networking events?

Are antidepressants really the solution?

It's amazing the number of people who visit the Reve Pavilion, who, when they first visit, are taking antidepressants described by their doctors.

The ONSLOW Brings You The Best Of England!

St Georges Day Weekend with The Richard Onslow Pub in Cranleigh......join in the fun, there's something for EVERYONE !

Are You a Robbie Williams Fan???

ROBBIE Williams fans from Guildford can see a tribute to the pop star performed at a new cocktail bar in the town this April (2016).

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