Presenting Skills Workshops for SME's
20th April 2016
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Do you fear speaking in public and are therefore avoiding the opportunity of presenting your business at various networking events? 

Well if so you may be interested in attending a 4 hour morning workshop at the super Debating Chamber in Leatherhead to help you overcome this fear and benefit yourself and your business.

This workshop covers processes for:

- overcoming the fear 

- skills in the art of public speaking

- advice and ideas for better presenting your business and ensuring powerpoint is a fabulous aid not an autocue.  

Presenting your business at networking events can have a huge impact on increased awareness and understanding of what your business does and therefore increase sales.

Avoiding the opportunity of presenting your business or presenting it badly could be very detrimental to your business. We would love to help you.  

For more information, case studies, testimonials and to book your place, please visit

Price is just £95.  Early bird price of £58 available until 30th April.  

For more information about Ges click here: 


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