Are antidepressants really the solution?
19th April 2016
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During the various stages and transitions in life, it is quite normal for people to experience changes of moods, including periods of feeling unhappy, sad, tired, depressed, stressed, angry, frustrated or anxious, for example.

Most low moods tend to improve over time, but if they persist and get worse, making life very difficult, having low self-esteem, being indecisive or having self-destructive thoughts, this could be regarded as being a state of depression.

In reality, giving a name to a condition is not a diagnosis; it is just a description. Every-one will have the description for their own personal combination of genetic, historical and social reasons. To call a description of symptoms a diagnosis is rationally absurd.

Other than in case of overt trauma or pathological disease, it is usually the accumulated combination of imbalances on many different levels that result in the presentation of symptoms for which many will simply be prescribed a drug to hide. This approach does not really deal with the underlying reasons. These will usually be different for each individual.

There is of course a place for everything and sometimes people do need to have some first aid of a more standard kind to help them over a difficult moment.

As a rule, it is best first to do the least one needs to do, in the safest, respectful and sensitive way, before resorting to more invasive medical approaches with all the dangers of side effects and more serious long term illnesses that they can produce.

In the final analysis, it is the innate tendency of all living beings to be well that brings about a healing response. For this to happen, the person concerned needs to be provided with the right environment and conditions for this to occur. This environment is at the same time physical, nutritional, mental and emotional. All of these matters are interconnected and mediated by the nervous system.

Using functional neurology as a part of our diagnostic approach, at the Reve Pavilion Natural Health Clinic, we assess many of the underlying imbalances that can result in symptoms of different kinds. The findings are then matched individually in measured ways, using un-invasive, safe forms of natural therapies, to help to bring about the right conditions, physically, biochemically, mentally and emotionally to help people to become more balanced, integrated and well so that they are able to overcome their difficulties.

For those who are interested and want to find out more, free consultations are available on request without obligation by calling the Reve Pavilion on 01483 579500.

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