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Bill Sanghera looks after the Guildford area and his rates are, I think exceptionally reasonable ... £40 per hour ... £20 minimum charge and £20 call-out charge.
The reality is that filling with the wrong fuel and driving your car is no big deal - it's pretty obvious that something's wrong and you really would be an idiot to continue trying to drive it when it starts spluttering and juddering
G Live is a contemporary, forward looking name that reflects this fantastic state-of-the-art building that has live entertainment at its heart.
With only two weeks to go until deadline day, now is the time to be thinking about completing your online tax return writes freelance journalist Claire Dee.
Contrary to popular belief - you don't have an undisputed entitlement to take things back ! Here's a summary of what does and doesn't apply ......
How nice it is to find somewhere that provides free WI-FI for anyone who wants to use it - this is obviously becoming a trend and the sooner that places such as the Holiday Inn and the Ramada realise this the quicker they will increase their customer base
Is your website usable?
Is your website usable?
Tips to check the usability of your website.
Is the government misplaced to think rents will be reduced for DSS tenants?
Can the X Factor really still be described as a talent show? Or has Simon Cowell unintentionally reinvented the sitcom genre?
At the end of the day it all a bit of fun for the kids at a dark and dreary time of the year and on a positive note it encourages people to meet their neighbours for once
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