0800 hANDYMAN - something we all need at some time in Guildford
26th January 2011
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Houses, even modern, nearly new houses are full of all sorts of simple things that turn and close and click into place - it is inevitable therefore that at some time during each year you are going to have to fix, alter or replace something !

Now, if like me, you are happy splashing a bit of paint up or fixing a squeaking hinge but draw the line at things like water and electricity - 0800 Handyman offer a really good service at a reasonable fixed price to take care of all those jobs which are beyond the average non-DIY proficient householder (like me).

You won't end up with a Dodgy Darren or a Slimy Shane easing their way into your property and ripping you off with OTT charges! All 0800 Handymen are fully trained and CRB checked so not only do they actually know what they are doing but they are also deemed as been secure and trustworthy and are backed up by official accreditation and a multi-national franchise company.

Bill Sanghera looks after the Guildford area and his rates are, I think exceptionally reasonable ... £40 per hour ... £20 minimum charge and £20 call-out charge - so if it really is something simple, the most you'll pay is £40 and absolute bargain when you consider people like Dynarod charge exorbitant prices just to pay you a visit !

Remember 0800 Handyman because next time you have a problem in your home, (which may be sooner than you think) you'll be glad you called them.

0800 Handyman are recommended on the best of guildford.

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