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Have you ever tried out the Beijing Restaurant's all you can eat Lunch Buffet?
Supermarkets are often cheap and convenient but that doesn’t mean they’re always the perfect solution.
Christmas at the Mandolay Hotel
Christmas at the Mandolay Hotel
However you want to spend Christmastime, you're sure to have a great time at the Mandolay!
Carlo's Trattoria in Guildford is offering delicious Christmas menus for parties, for Christmas Day and for Boxing Day.
This is a wonderful family event with lots of things for the children. We are also thrilled that some of the local children are actually getting involved!
Looking after you spine and back whilst cooking in the Kitchen. Tips from British Chirorpactic Chiropractors from Luck's Yard Clinic near Guildford.
Charlotte runs Phoenix Pro-Fitness in Godalming where she specialises in providing a unique combination of one-on-one personal training in a group programme.
Small, cosy, full of character and with a proper owner/manager behind the bar ... there are a few left in the area, you just have to find them!
A real Angel
A real Angel
For a clever mix of old and new visit Guildford's Angel Hotel, writes freelance journalist Claire Dee.
Perhaps you are looking to host a meeting in the New Year or run a training course and would like to find an ideal local location – well Gorse Hill has it all!
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