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Owner Steve Reina from KoKo Hair Salon Celebrates 5 Years In Business...
BBC London News journalist, Yvonne Hall, interviews Topic of Cancer Trustee, Kim Ronaldson, about his experience with cancer, his views on immunotherapy and immunotherapy research.
You've got the frock, he's got the suit - time to finish off the look with a special 'do' for the festive season!
Have a read here about the two types of training that Tinx have to offer!
FREE facial or hand massage!
FREE facial or hand massage!
To book yours, sign up using the link in the blog.
Happy birthday, Azzinga!
Happy birthday, Azzinga!
Party time...and free beauty treatments too!
It's important to look after our skin, it has a major influence on our health
Azzinga – the beauticians in the heart of Guildford – have a very special offer on facial peels on 11 and 12 June only.
De- stress with a relaxing massage and facial
Shellac Nails are a fantastic version of false nails: they are simply painted on by beauticians and there they stay, immaculate, uniform and unchipped for up to three weeks.
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