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It’s all about moving the people of Guernsey and moving with the times. The team at Relocations clearly has no intentions of standing still as they look to the future of their Guernsey business.
Local engineering consultants Babbé McCathie Limited have been sponsoring local motocross, supporting island youngsters to get a start in the sport.
Local engineering consultancy firm Babbé McCathie has appointed Gary Bougourd, formerly a senior engineering technician, as technical director of the company.
McCathie Associates would like to thank everyone who voted for Gary Bougourd in this year’s Customer Service Awards.
McCathie Associates has helped engineer countless new builds, extensions, alterations and correct structural problems such as cracking. Here’s a light-hearted look at the world of structural engineering – enjoy!
Gil Darling of McCathie Associates gives us an update on ‘happenings’ at the engineering coalface!
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