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23rd May 2013
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How to build your own body – it’s as easy as building your own home…

First, employ an architect to define how you want the body (home) to look – nature uses genes.

There are lots of different ones available.  An architect will decide on features like height, build size and special features. The gene pool does much the same thing.

Next, employ a structural engineer to interpret what the architect has decided – nature uses chemicals like DNA. McCathie Associates are structural engineers with many years’ experience of working with architects to design quality structures. Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have said in their reviews.

Engineers take your basic gene blue print and design a building frame of skeleton & muscles. Without the engineer to interpret the genes, your house/body cannot get built.

Engineers design the frame to withstand changes in load e.g., holiday weight gain or extra furniture (pregnancy)

DNA engineers work closely with mechanical & electrical engineers – nature uses proteins and other chemicals to create:-  energy in and waste out systems (digestion) along with, pumping and ventilation systems (heart & lungs) that all work efficiently and fit inside the ‘home-body’ neatly.

Easy – but how do you look after the body?


How to care for your ‘home-body’

Firstly ask a Building Surveyor - nature uses a friend or partner for a general overview of the condition of the ‘home-body’. They will give a general opinion based on visual inspection!! (Can’t say I like the idea of a visual inspection).

A special group of building surveyors are qualified to comment on defects and diagnosis (can’t say I like the idea of my flaws/floors being inspected either) and suggest a course of action – nature uses old and trusted friends. These are rare; however, McCathie Associates, as part of the T&G Group of Companies, can offer this service through MDW Limited.

For example, if you own an older property – nature calls these husbands, spouses or partners, MDW Limited could comment on that damp patch that keeps appearing in the corner!

If ‘home-body’ gets damaged and cracks appear  ( I won’t comment – I’ll leave that to your imagination) you must call a structural engineer – to suggest what is causing body to break – nature uses a trustworthy GP, you should contact McCathie Associates for an efficient, trustworthy service.

‘home-body’ may be referred by the structural engineer to a specialist for such things as investigation of that unpleasant dripping in the night! After which, the structural engineer can design repairs for the damaged frame of ‘home-body’.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog and I have given you insight into how McCathie’s can keep your home looking its best.

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