McCathie Associates Get Pan-Island Local with T & G Limited
30th November 2012
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Gil Darling of McCathie Associates gives us an update on ‘happenings’ at the engineering coalface!

Unless you’ve been in outer space for the last two years, you’ll know McCathie Associates has joined forces with T&G Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers in Jersey.

There are those out there – you know who you are - that don’t like sharing the limelight with Jersey, but we believe it’s a very positive step and like to leave the island’s competitive spirit for the Murrati eh!

thebestof Guernsey team has done a fantastic job promoting local businesses - Buy local was brilliant for business and of course, McCathie’s still wants all the local business it can get. McCathie’s and T&G have been around for over 22 years now and we plan on being around a lot longer!

When we take a moment to consider how many years our very own Gary Bougourd has been engineering in Guernsey and the number of local properties he has worked on, it is quite astonishing.

Having said that, even the best companies have to move with the times and keep up to date with new trends and innovations.  Expanding our horizons and joining forces with Jersey means being able to provide customers with a comprehensive range of expertise, from the traditional, across the whole spectrum of concepts to innovative modern engineering.

Having access to that kind of back-up is beneficial to clients as we can tailor our resources to meet their individual needs, and that’s got to be good for our local business.

As engineering is such a global community, we can safely consider Jersey as ‘Local’!

Other news is that McCathie Associates Director, Trish Newell Maher has been doing some construction work of her own! The team are very proud and pleased to report Trish and the latest addition to her family are doing very well, and thank you to all for their well-wishes.

Trish is looking forward to returning to work next week, just in time for the last minute Christmas rush. So McCathie’s are back to full strength in the local office.

Trish and Gary form a well balanced team of traditional and modern, which means there is a client friendly solution available for every new project.

The Rotary Club has made another beautiful job of decorating the Mast on the Weighbridge Roundabout. When McCathie’s completed the engineering for the mast we never imagined what a much loved local land mark it would become.

Next time you pass the mast – think of McCathie’s and whether you are going for the traditional Turkey Christmas or something modern like Cranberry fizz on the beach in Barbados, have a well-engineered and very happy Christmas.

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