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Strike action in Greenwich

30 November 2011 10:56

Greenwich Council is aiming to deliver services as usual during the strikes, but many schools are closed.

Access Self Storage calls for theLondon Borough of Greenwich to take part in its biggest ever charity appeal for Christmas

Access Self Storage is appealing to the public to open their hearts and donate new and unused presents, games and toys. These gifts will be collected, sorted and delivered to children in each store’s local area and in this case St Francis Hospice.

News Shopper teams up with Greenwich Shopping Park to find the faces of 2012

NEWS Shopper has teamed up with Greenwich Shopping Park to search for stylish people to become the Faces of Greenwich Shopping Park 2012.Men and Women, of all styles and ages, to champion affordable high street fashion.

Sacked: Former Greenwich tourism chief Neil McCollum joked about crime in the borough

Olympic tourism chief sacked after he slated the area he was meant to promote, saying he'd make sure his 'wallet is not visible' during visit

Blackheath Fire works 2011

20 October 2011 20:30

The Blackheath fireworks display is one of the most popular fireworks displayed in London. Every year it brings a lot of colour and lightt to the skies of Blackheath and surrounding areas in a truely dazzling display of fireworks.

Twitter Hackers

18 October 2011 13:11

There is some kind of hack going around targetting moderate/influencial twitter users. They are targeting everyone with these messages, and it would spread as long as people are clicking on it.

Local Businesses are offering special deals

Many local businesses are offering special one-off deals for customers as part of Back to Business Week

Measures put in place by Greenwich council to support Businesses affected by the riot

Greenwich Council has put in place a number of measures to help support businesses affected by the recent disturbances in the borough.

Greenwich Comedy Festival

05 September 2011 10:53

The Greenwich Comedy Festival which is London's biggest ever comedy festival returns for its third year running.

Latest news from Greenwich Council

As Woolwich takes stock after Monday's unrest, Greenwich Council leader Chris Roberts has confirmed the Council's determination to act where it can to help.

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