Twitter Hackers
18th October 2011
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A  lot of people have complained that they have been getting strange DM messages on twitter that when they click on the link points them back to

Needless to say do not click on theses links!!!

There is some kind of hack going around targeting moderate/influencial twitter users. They are targeting everyone with these messages, and it would spread as long as people are clicking on it. These messages which read can read " There is a bad blog about you, seen it?", or "OMG, I can't stop laughing at this picture of you" etc, the aim  of these DM messages are to send you to a rogue site which captures your twitter logins giving the Hackers access to your account and thereby sending these DM to your followers and this is how it spreads.For those who have not cottoned on yet, try not to click on any links claiming they have pictures or videos of you, or  tells you there is a bad blog about you going about. If you do get hacked  then,please change your password immidiately.

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