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Life insurance with rewards
Life insurance with rewards
Up until recently, Taking Cover Ltd was only available to armed forces personnel, and only offered life insurance and serious illness cover. It’s been an honour to protect these guys, and the great news is that we’ve just now launched Taking Cover for everyone...
Autism Friendly Fleet
Autism Friendly Fleet
Autism Friendly Fleet are inviting businesses and interested organisations to a meeting at The Harlington on Wednesday 11th October from 10am to midday.
Wellbeing Festival
Wellbeing Festival
Take part in a special wellbeing day and a two-week festival from Sunday 7 to Sunday 21 May.
Fleet Half Marathon celebrates its 36th year in 2017 and, taking place on Sunday 19th March, is the perfect preparation for the London Marathon.
If you are taking part in any exercise, training for the Fleet 5k, Fleet 10k or the Fleet Half Marathon, Peter Leigh from Fleet Osteopathic Clinic advises that warming up and cooling down is time well spent
Hart District Council and Hart voluntary action have organised an information day in the Hart Centre on Friday 14th October between 10am and 2.30pm as part of World Mental Health Day.
Hart District Council have provided some helpful advice if you are planning to have a barbecue this Bank Holiday weekend to help you avoid food poisoning by following some simple health and safety advice.
Gardening brings pleasure for many people but it's important to make sure that we protect our backs and joints when gardening and avoid strains or injury. Peter Leigh from Fleet Osteopathic Clinic provides some advice on good posture when gardening.
Mental health is something that affects us all - sometimes we are flourishing and sometimes we struggle. By openly discussing mental health and seeing it as a continuum The Matthew Elvidge Trust aims to address the stigma surrounding mental health.
May 18 marks Food Safety Week and Hart District Council is inviting businesses and consumers to join the Chicken Challenge to avoid Food poisoning.
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