Are you ready for the chicken challenge?
12th May 2015
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There are an estimated 280,000 cases of food poisoning a year caused by Campylobacter - a germ found mostly on raw chicken. Symptoms include abdominal pain, severe diarrhoea and, sometimes, vomiting. The Food Safety Agency wants to halve the number of cases in 2015 and is asking people to take part in the Chicken Challenge as part of Food Safety Week.

Hart District Council has developed these guidelines for the safe handling of chicken:

  • Bag and store raw chicken separately from other food, covered and chilled on the bottom shelf of the fridge
  • Do not wash raw chicken as it splashes germs
  • Wash everything that’s touched raw chicken in soap and hot water – your hands and utensils
  • Check chicken is cooked properly - no pink meat, steaming hot and the juices run clear.

For more information visit the Food Standard Agency's website and join the Chicken Challenge.

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