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As a parent you might have a gut-feel that your child has issues with attention and concentration. Teachers are often the first to raise the issue as they have experience of more children and know which ones are outside the classroom 'norm' and might have ADD/ADHD. Helps for parents is at hand with a new business in Fleet called Biolink Attention Training. Bringing proven techniques from South Africa Biolink can improve children's attention and concentration and help ensure maximum education potential is achieved
The 800th anniversary of the sealing Magna Carta was celebrated in Hartley Wintney on 15 June 2015
GCSEs are changing and, if you've got a child in Year 9 they will be the first students to study the new-style GCSEs in English and Maths.
How do you change a tyre?
How do you change a tyre?
We understand tyres need changing whilst we are out and not many of us know what to do about it, well let us give you some pointers.....
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